What I want to be when I grow up

I want to be a professional soccer player, and play for  Barcelona when I grow up. Barcelona is a famous soccer team, its apart of FIFA which is the head of  professional soccer. People like Lionel Messi, Pedro, and Neymar are famous soccer players and they all play for Barcelona. If you were to play for FIFA you would play for the city or state you were born in. There’s also Ronaldo  which plays for Real Madrid which is also a really good team. Besides all of these really good players there’s also women like Alex Morgan, Carli Lloyld, and Health. The National Team  also has the worlds best goalie Hope Solo, The National Team had a really good player that retired her name was Abby Wambach she was a forward and was really good.

Video link of Real Madrid, Barcelona, and The National Team below this.